The Policies

 Bruce will move past symbolic votes and pledges, and work towards enacting an achievable and substantial local environmental action plan for Santa Barbara.


(Local Environmental Action Plan)


44% of UC students and 38% of SBCC students face food insecurity. Bruce will establish a food bank and mobile farmer's markets in Isla Vista to provide regular access for all residents.

Addressing Food Insecurity


 Isla Vista’s cliffs lose an average of six to fourteen inches of ground per year. Hundreds of students are at risk of losing their homes or belongings to crumbling cliffs.

Reducing Coastal Erosion 

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Isla Vista is facing a mental health and wellness crisis, particularly among college-aged individuals that are reporting increasing levels of mental health issues every year.

Increasing Mental Health Services


As climate change increases the occurrence, length, and severity of droughts in Santa Barbara County, we need to consider creative solutions to improve and preserve Isla Vista’s parks and open spaces.

Reimagining Isla Vista's Open Spaces


Commercial oil tankers threaten whales in our channel, pollute the air we breathe and open the threat of an oil spill. 

Ending Commercial Oil Shipping


Food scraps are the single largest source of waste in US landfills. Bruce will make composting services more accessible in Isla Vista


 If elected, Bruce will open a Constituent Services Office in Isla Vista to serve as a direct line to County services and personnel.

Constituent Services Office in Isla Vista


Instead of top-down enforcement from the County, Isla Vistans should be able to decide how cannabis is regulated in their community

Community Choice Cannabis