Our Mission
Community First. Community Forward.

That’s our brand here at the Bruce Porter Campaign, because we believe that action taken close to home is the best way to achieve meaningful progress.


Isla Vista is a beautiful, unique, and special place filled with people with a wide diversity of lifestyles, backgrounds, and interests all packed into less than two square miles. Much of it is made up of a revolving student population that changes with the beginning and end of each academic year, while a significant number of long-term residents also call Isla Vista their home.


But Isla Vista also faces unique challenges. It sits directly in the path of a rapidly changing climate that is eroding its bluffs at an ever-increasing rate, and within eyesight of commercial oil tankers spewing toxins and endangering marine life as they travel through the Santa Barbara Channel. Meanwhile, the lack of County services in Isla Vista — from food banks to mental health services — has left a gap that the University has tried to fill. The result has been heavily impacted services that are inaccessible for non-UCSB students.


Working to balance the diverse interests of Isla Vistans, while also addressing the issues that they face, requires that the County empower them to take matters into their own hands to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, the County must also end its decades-long systemic neglect of Isla Vista, and step-up to provide the support that it needs and deserves.


That’s our mission: to empower all Isla Vistans in the decision-making process, ensure the County fulfills its responsibilities to them, and that their time here in Isla Vista — no matter the length or circumstances — adds value to their lives.


If that’s something you can get on board with, we’d love to have you along for the ride.