Extending Emergency Blue Light Phones into Isla Vista 

For the past 30 years, blue light emergency phones have been a staple of campus crime prevention. Lining pathways, parking structures and dark spots around campus, these bright-blue telephones are a beacon of safety for students and pedestrians. Callers are connected to safety dispatchers with the press of a button, which also sends your exact location and activates a strobe light at the top of the kiosk. They’re a powerful tool for individuals, witnesses or intervening bystanders.

If elected, Bruce will work with the University and IVCSD to extend UCPD linked blue light phones into Isla Vista. An increased number of blue light phones in Isla Vista will provide a better safety net and emergency response capabilities for all residents. These phones will offer an emergency option at all hours and in places where there is already little foot traffic, such as parks and the darker areas of Isla Vista.


Blue light phones are not meant to be a replacement for street lighting, and Bruce will work to improve lighting in Isla Vista. Well-lit areas are typically a deterrent to crime and can be extremely beneficial to the community. While blue light phones are not the end-all solution, they have proven to be a highly dependable and user-friendly option.

Expand the Powers of the IVCSD 

With the creation of the Isla Vista Community Services District (IVCSD), current and future residents of this unique community have an incredible opportunity to take part in the decision making process. Bruce firmly believes in localized representation, and that the closer to home policy is made the better it serves the community. 
This is why Bruce will work to expand the authority that is granted to the IVCSD — so that the people of Isla Vista can more readily address the issues that are important to them. This would include permitting the IVCSD to contract with waste management organizations to implement a district-wide composting program, allowing the IVCSD to conduct community events such as concerts and festivals, and empowering the IVCSD to acquire and maintain land for environmental protection purposes.