(Local Environmental Action Plan)

Santa Barbara County is already feeling the effects of a changing climate: catastrophic mudslides brought on by a combination of drought, historic wildfires, and abnormal rain patterns; a rapidly eroding coastline resulting in major collapses that endanger lives and homes in Isla Vista; and rising temperatures both on land and at sea that the threaten vital agricultural resources and fragile marine ecosystems.

While current Santa Barbara County supervisors symbolically voted to support the Green New Deal proposed by some members of Congress, they have failed to take any meaningful action to address climate change at the local level. This failure is perfectly displayed by the fact that emissions in Santa Barbara County have risen by 14% since 2007, despite pledges from the County to reduce emissions by 15%.

As County Supervisor Bruce will move past symbolic votes and pledges, and work towards enacting an achievable and substantial local environmental action plan for Santa Barbara, including:

  • Implementing a county fracking ban

  • Prohibiting new oil fields county-wide & opposing federal drilling in public lands

  • Pre-approving fossil fuel businesses to allow them to immediately transition to clean energy operations — such as transitioning oil fields to solar farms

  • Increasing green business start-up, retention, and relocation to Santa Barbara County through increasing workforce housing and other economic incentives

  • In addition to these county-wide policies, Bruce will also pursue environmental policies that address the needs and concerns specific to Isla Vista, such as: