Open a Constituent Services Office
in Isla Vista

All residents deserve the ability to easily access their representatives. This is especially important for local government, which deals with the issues that affect our everyday lives. The current County Supervisor put their office in downtown Santa Barbara — an area that they don't even represent, making it difficult for residents without cars or with full class schedules to make their concerns heard.

Bruce will open a Constituent Services Office with a full-time staff right here in Isla Vista, giving you a direct line to County services and assistance. Have a problem with mold in your apartment? Walk in and we'll mobilize county inspectors. Trash bins always overflowing in your driveway? We'll work with your landlord to provide more bins to keep trash out of the streets. Need help filling out forms for government benefit programs? Come take a seat and we'll help you work through it.

The focus of local government is to improve and add value to the lives of its residents. Opening a constituent services office will help make that a reality for Isla Vista residents.