Composting in Isla Vista

Food scraps are the single largest source of waste in the US. According to the EPA, roughly 22% of landfill waste is made up of food while another 9% consists of compostable yard waste. When compostable materials are trapped in landfills without oxygen, their decomposition process is slowed and methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide, is released throughout the process. 

Not only does composting help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it also creates a nutrient-rich soil-like product that can be used in gardens and landscaping. In partnership with MarBorg Industries, The City of Goleta has made composting accessible for virtually every resident by offering up to two free Earth Machine compost bins per household. These bins are easy to assemble, durable and only require the presence of oxygen to begin the composting process. If elected, Bruce will expand composting services in Isla Vista by partnering with MarBorg Industries to provide private bins and public sites throughout the community.